A Way to Support Our Troops

My son Krystian, is in Afghanistan and any of you who are wanting to support the troops, now is your chance to do so for someone you know and can see and it will help. Please see all info below Thanks!

CW2 Krystian McKeown

C-troop 2-17

TF Shadow

Bagram AF

APO AE 09354

The troops love beef jerky, slim Jim’s, dried fruit like Mangos. They need razors for gillette fusion razor they are hard to get there. They can use microwave meals that you do not need dishes for. Any Asian style meals that you can find and any dried or canned goods like beef stew and items that are shelf stable. Thanks! The dollar store is your easiest stop. You then go to any US Post Office and ask them for a box for APO to ship overseas.

It is pretty inexpensive considering how far it is going to travel. You put any and as much stuff as you can in the box and then send it. Thanks for your time and consideration. I have had a lot of clients and friends ask and I really appreciate it. We will continue our prayers for him and all soldiers to come home soon and in one piece. And for the end of all wars.

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