TGIWednesday and an exciting announcement that I can’t wait to share!

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My Liquid Fish® Certification Training is Here!
Well imagine being hammered every day for years as to When are you going to teach others My Liquid Fish® Change made simple®?"

And finally I can say, "That day is today!!"

I would like YOUR confidence level to be as high as my 3 year ol00a45dde-65da-429e-92fd-2a1a73038791.jpgd granddaughter Charlie’s
AND be brave enough to wear a dinosaur tiara.

I have taken years of University/trainings/lessons/seminars/teachings/schools/modalities/techniques and spent 6 figures so you don’t/won’t have to! Honestly, this the FASTEST, deepest, simplest technique I have ever seen. It has produced more favorable outcomes for people, places, things, pets and situations than I ever dreamed. But of course it is spirit driven, so I should not be surprised and neither should you! The training modules in this BRAND NEW CERTIFICATION PROGRAM are designed to layer this technique on many levels. You will read, listen, watch and ultimately work with me one on one until you tell me, “I got this.”

So many clients have said, “But Jimmy, you do it better and I’m just not you.” That is true, but you’ve got to start somewhere and if I can do it, so can you. None of us felt confident driving cars when we were young; it took time and practice. If you can read/watch/listen and practice this, it’s no different than praying/gardening/yoga/exercise or any other hobby you enjoy. My team and I have worked on this event for over a year, so we honestly hope you enjoy it and create your own profound outcomes and change the story of your life to that of a vibrant winner!

Here we go…. are you with me?

Register Now for the Mastery Training Program
If you want to earn a Certificate of Mastery showing you have learned the advanced instruction & best practices for clearing and healing with My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple® OR If you’re a healing practitioner who wants to master this technique in depth in order to add it into your own practice as a Certified My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple® Practitioner the time is now!
All members will get instant access to Level I Module 1 Basic Training and move on to Module 2 Advanced Training. Books and Audios included are: The Tackle Box My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®, Spiritual Healing Techniques, MyBeliefworks™ Releasing Dark Energies, Fears and Negativity MP3, Magic 8ball Increasing Your Intuition MP3, plus instructional videos, audio sessions and handouts. You will receive a Level I Certificate of Mastery after completing your final one on one instruction and testing with Jimmy.

All total the retail value of the Level I training program is over $1000,
but that’s NOT what it will cost you to join…

Many of you may already own one or more of these products and may be wondering if there will be any allowances if you have them already and the answer is no – this is a standardized program for all. Any money you have spent on products separately is included in the savings you get from the true cost of the program. Don’t forget… I put six figures into my training that helped me develop this so it truly is a bargain – PLUS you get personally trained by me!

For all those qualified and interested in becoming a Certified My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple® Practitioner, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to either the Gold or Platinum level after the completion of Level I Module 2.
Click here to get access now!
From the Fish Box
"Awesome!! And Congrats to You!! 🎉🔮🎏I was shown that I was getting an email from you today just a short while ago. I literally opened up my email just to look and 15 min later Boom 💥your email announcing the Certification Program shows up. I’ve been being shown the my liquid fish symbol in my meditations for the last couple months.

Just yesterday, Facebook shared a memory of you and I – a post/testimonial I wrote with a picture of you and the my liquid fish symbol. Thank you for including me on this email. As you know, my belief system with my liquid fish couldn’t be stronger. It’s been 3 years and it’s been life changing for me on all levels🙏Thank u!!!!!!!! This resonates with me, of course! I’m moving my things to the beach as I write. I’ll read through the details closer this evening. Spirit is showing me Yes. Thanks for the blast of energy 👍😊 Chat soon and have an amazing afternoon!!"

In Gratitude,
Lisa / Florida

TGIWednesday Download

Please know that as I am pausing, I am fishing these out for YOU
and downloading the highest and the best!

My liquid fish helps contribute to me regardless of topic, subject or condition. My liquid fish complements any and all healing modalities and techniques that I am utilizing now or in the future. Every ritual I use, every method and technology I participate in is being enhanced with positive outcomes in my favor now. I am seeing this occurring here and now, for myself, all those that I love and all those that love me, in all languages and across all space and time and so it is here and now

You can watch this and all previous 40+ transmission downloads in a special playlist on my YouTube channel. Click here and please subscribe while you’re visiting!

Live Show Schedules & Replays
Imagine getting FREE intuitive messages and healings LIVE! Well, it happens every week on my radio show! I have co-host guests from all over the world that are some of the best psychic readers and intuitive healers on this or any other planet! All you have to do is tune in for free and listen or even listen to the replay. If you recognize the caller talking about your challenge or issue whether it’s about a job or a health condition, YOU will receive changes & healings just by listening! Scroll down below for show dates and times and don’t be afraid to call in and ask for help for yourself, a friend, pet or a loved one!
Listen to the The Jimmy Mack Healing Show Tuesday’s 12-noon ET
Call in LIVE (713) 955-0594

YESTERDAY’S REPLAY -Troy Griffin – Christian Medium and Psychic Detective

Listen JUNE 20th – Carrie Turcotte – Motivational Speaker, Medium and Radio Host
Listen JUNE 27th – Debbie Dienstbier – Transmedium and Psychic Communicator

Stay Tuned for date releases
Red Hot Summer Radio fun!

Folks if you haven’t heard of these people you’ve been a cave dweller with no wifi!
Imagine this line up………as co-guest hosts on my weekly radio show…
Emmanuel Dagher
Rudy Hunter
Elma Mayer
It’s all happening! ……….$! just got real!

Browse the entire archive of all past interviews and telesummits here.
Fish Food

The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for June 14th

"Today I will realize how blessed I am and move forward making plans, fulfilling my own dreams and in movement I will create, move, and be. I will not lay idle on the couch I will plan my come back, my renaissance, my own personal resurrection. This body can rest when it’s in the ground."

Get the book & read the full story here.

The link below here is for all the other audios available

Want to read & learn about My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®?
Need an extra boost? Reach out to Jimmy for a 15/30/60 min. personal session

I will dial in to you daily upon rising and make certain that you are a clear yes, unclear to no and running forward before you start your day and also run my intelligent computer software which runs 24/7 deleting the negative and increasing the strength of the positive creating a higher probability of outcomes for you and the family. This has made a tremendous difference in private clients lives and it is now being offered to everyone. You can add everyone that lives in your immediate home and yes you can include pets! Merely submit everyone’s name on your prayer list after your purchase. Sign up here for 30 Days!
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